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There are many benefits of using an external resource to outsource the drafting work. Many companies and Engineers may not understand the value of outsourcing as they believe that they lose control over the project, but there are some examples mentioned below which will let you know why you should consider outsourcing your design work.

  • You don’t have the required resources and expertise

  • You have a project deadline approaching fast, and need extra assistance in order to meet it

  • To avoid frequent training costs and payments for the up to date software licence

  • Total flexibility to use someone only when you need them

Why Outsource to Designfit Engineering

  • Our professional approach is fully geared towards achieving a total quality design solution

  • We possess over 10 years of facade design experience

  • The invaluable experience of our strong internal design team

  • Our CAD design services are completed by our own designers

  • We use the latest tools and technology, all housed inside our modern design facilities

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